Fantasy Baseball Tips

This blog will continually add and modify these must-win tips. They are categorized by general fantasy strategy tips, pitching, batting and drafting.


General Tips:

*** Study, Study, Study your league rules.

*** Read The Baseball Strategy Blog Daily .

*** Have a consistent daily routine.

*** Draft day is only the beginning – now the real work starts.              

*** Don’t marry a player and get overly emotional in decision making.            

*** Know the competition and always where you stand.

*** Be flexible and adapt throughout season by watching injuries and free agents.

*** Use player activity trends as barometer but learn to trust instincts.
*** Be a fantasy nerd and watch games.

*** Always watch for SP pickups throughout season.

*** Don’t punt a category.

*** Never, Never give up!!! Be patient it’s a long season.

*** Keep significant other happy throughout the season. (most difficult to master)

*** Have fun!!!

Pitching tips:

*** Utilize the Box Projection on the blog to play beneficial pitching match-ups.

*** Be wary of young prospect pitchers and choose established pitchers.

*** Continually update bullpen charts.

*** Always have some starting pitching depth.

*** Monitor starting pitchers continually and watch pickup trends of pitchers.

*** Pick up quality players on DL to strengthen depth if spot open.

Batting Tips:

*** Always, Always  play offensive studs.

*** Play match-ups with average or utility players.

*** Pick up quality players on DL if spot open.

*** Consider full-time utility on roster.

*** Watch injuries.

Drafting Tips:

*** Study, Study, Study draft and potential strategies.

*** Draft for power & more power.

*** A good draft strategy is to aim to place 2nd in every category.

*** Don’t overload in one scoring category.

*** Have updated list of injured players available for draft.

*** Draft for pitching consistency – high K’s and low walks.

*** Draft multi-category players.

*** Review past drafting trends by competitors.

*** Draft catchers in later rounds.

*** Don’t jump for hyped rookies.

*** In auction style drafts buy the studs.

*** Draft a couple extra SP.

*** Draft sleepers late.

*** If you play 4X4 league – Runs/K’s less value than 5X5 leagues.

*** Don’t draft with your friend Jack or Captain Morgan.


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